Seven Reasons to Study Dentistry

For those considering a degree in this area, but need further convincing, the Complete University Guide lends its expertise. Here are the top seven reasons to study a Dentistry degree:

1. International skills

Language changes by border, as do laws, politics, histories. The way people's mouths work don't, so if you learn dentistry, then you are employable in any country that takes your fancy.

2. Status

This one may be a tad old fashioned, but those working in any form of medical profession are usually admired and respected above just about any other. You have to be smart to be a dentist, so if you become one, then you are officially smart.

3. Salary

Average salaries for dentists working within the NHS range from just under £40,000 to over £80,000 a year. Other salaried posts exist in the armed forces and in corporate practices. In NHS trust hospitals, dentists are paid according to nationally defined scales. Salaries at consultant can reach over £100,000 a year. Don't just study something because of the cash, but that sort of money is very tempting.

4. Range of medical job options

You don't just have to fiddle around in diseased mouths for a living if you choose to study and graduate in dentistry. Other possible careers lie in the hospital service or the community dental service.

5. Plenty of practical experience

Dentistry degrees allow the student to practice at local surgeries, with at least a year dedicated to practical work, often for two years. You'll find this in very few other disciplines.

6. Work in the community

As well as honing your own dentistry skills by practicing, this course also allows you to hone your social skills. With so much time spent in the local community, dentistry is a good degree for the socialites among you. Get to know your patients and the work you do at uni could be some of the most rewarding of your career.

7. Good graduate prospects

Just order our Dentistry subject table by Graduate Prospects and you’ll see that students enjoy a virtual guarantee of ending up in professional jobs within six months of graduating.