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Full-time | The University of Edinburgh | 1 year | 09-SEP-19, 01-OCT-19, 13-JAN-20, 01-APR-20
  • Full-time | The University of Edinburgh | 1 year | 09-SEP-19, 01-OCT-19, 13-JAN-20, 01-APR-20
  • Part-time | The University of Edinburgh | 2 years | 09-SEP-19, 01-OCT-19, 13-JAN-20, 01-APR-20

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    09-SEP-19, 01-OCT-19, 13-JAN-20, 01-APR-20

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Genetics and Genomics aims to advance understanding of complex animal systems and the development of improved predictive models through the application of numerical and computational approaches in the analysis, interpretation, modelling and prediction of complex animal systems from the level of the DNA and other molecules, through cellular and gene networks, tissues and organs to whole organisms and interacting populations of organisms. The biology and traits of interest include: growth and development, body composition, feed efficiency, reproductive performance, responses to infectious disease and inherited diseases.

Research encompasses basic research in bioscience and mathematical biology and strategic research to address grand challenges, e.g. food security. Expertise includes genetics (molecular, quantitative), physiology (neuroendocrinology, immunology), 'omics (genomics, functional genomics) with particular strengths in mathematical biology (quantitative genetics, epidemiology, bioinformatics, modelling).

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