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Course options

  • Qualification

    Master of Earth Sciences - MEarthSci

  • Location

    Central area campus

  • Study mode

    Full time

  • Start date


  • Duration

    5 Years

Course summary

The Earth is billions of years old - but what is the ultimate destiny of our world?Through geology, you can study our planet's fascinating history to predict and protect its future.With the MEarthSci Geology, you will learn about how:* the Earth was formed* the planet has changed over time* the processes that shape our planet affects our life upon it**Why Geology?**Geologists seek to understand the planet from its core through to the surface, using subjects such as: * chemistry* physics* biology* physical geographyGeologists ask important questions of the world and study:* the impacts humans have on our planet* how life on Earth responded to major climate changes* how to find and use the Earth's resourcesBy studying the past, preserved in rocks, geologists also aim to understand and prepare for future climate change scenarios.At the same time, our growing population and increasing demand for energy are affecting the planet today, so geologists:* develop new ways to utilise greener energy resources, such as geothermal heat, to reduce our reliance on hydrocarbon* identify where to best store the energy produced through wind and solar farms* source the metals and minerals needed for these renewable energy sources* advise on where to safely dispose of problematic wastes from chemical and nuclear industries* find the raw materials in the Earth that we rely on in construction, telecommunications and many other industries**What will I learn?**We will train you in the skills needed to answer the important questions in the Earth sciences, including:* How can we predict and limit the effects of global climate change?* What tools can we use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere?* Why is our planet able to sustain life?* How does the Earth's interior work, and how do these processes affect the surface?* How can we sustainably manage the Earth's resources?* How can we improve our understanding of natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to reduce their risk and save lives?**Why study in Edinburgh?**By studying geology at the University of Edinburgh, you will: * join one of the top-ranked universities in the world* become part of an academic community in one of the leading geosciences departments in the UK * enjoy access to a world of experience with our research and industry networks* learn from leading geologists and Earth scientists at the forefront of their fields, undertaking world-leading research in a wide range of areasBy studying this degree, you can play a vital role in our transition into a more sustainable society.

Application deadline

26 January

Tuition fees

Students living in United States
(international fees)

£ 30,400per year

Tuition fees shown are for indicative purposes and may vary. Please check with the institution for most up to date details.

Entry requirements

Choose a qualification

A level : BBB - ABB

Required subjects: A Levels: two of Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, or Physics at B. GCSEs: English at C or 4 and Mathematics at A or 7. If you achieved a B or 6 in Mathematics, please contact us before applying.


University information

The University of Edinburgh

  • University League Table


  • Campus address

    University of Edinburgh, Student Recruitment and Admissions, 33 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City Of, EH8 9JS, Scotland

Subject rankings

  • Subject ranking

    5th out of 30 9

  • Entry standards

    / Max 240
    213 96%


  • Graduate prospects

    / Max 100
    95.0 95%


  • Student satisfaction

    / Max 5
    4.01 80%


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