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PhD in Biological Inorganic Chemistry

University of York

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    PhD/DPhil - Doctor of Philosophy

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    University of York

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    Full time

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    Variable - to suit the learner

Course summary

Our research focuses on the functions and applications of metal ions in biological systems.

Our main areas of interest include:

  • Metalloprotein structure, function and mode-of-action, especially of biomass-degrading enzymes, such as lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases and hydrogenases
  • Siderophore-binding proteins
  • Artificial metalloenzymes.

New antimicrobials are a target of research into siderophore-conjugates, CO-releasing molecules and redox-active bacterial enzymes.

We use a wide range of techniques to interrogate proteins, particularly structural methods such as magnetic spectroscopy, electrochemistry and small molecule models. On a whole organism scale, we use diagnostically resolved magnetic resonance imaging to monitor in situ drug metabolism via hyperpolarisation methods that utilise molecular catalysts. These techniques are augmented with DFT computational theory, genomic discovery, chemical and molecular biology.

Tuition fees

Students living in United States
(international fees)

£ 22,250per year

Tuition fees shown are for indicative purposes and may vary. Please check with the institution for most up to date details.

University information

University of York

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  • Campus address

    University of York, Heslington, York, York, YO10 5DD, England

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Subject rankings

  • Subject ranking

    8th out of 57 3

  • Entry standards

    / Max 240
    172 78%


  • Graduate prospects

    / Max 100
    90.0 90%


  • Student satisfaction

    / Max 5
    4.25 85%



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