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Course options

  • Qualification

    Master of Physics - MPhys

  • Location

    Edinburgh Campus

  • Study mode

    Full time

  • Start date


  • Duration

    5 Years

Course summary


This Physics degree covers subjects including dynamics, electromagnetic fields and optics. These areas lead onto the quantum world of subatomic particles, the unique nature of laser light, and the philosophically challenging ideas of quantum physics and astrophysics. Mathematics also plays an important part in understand physical concepts in more depth. In later years, the course will offer you various topics, including Laser Physics, Photonics, Semiconductor Physics, Instrumentation, Nuclear Physics and Elementary Particles.

Through research projects, you’ll be able to develop skills in experimental design or computational modelling. The course will also help with your practical abilities, initiative and teamwork. The Physics degree is mathematically rigorous and suitable if you’re interested in a career in research.


This integrated masters in Physics (MPhys) is accredited by the Institute of Physics (IOP) for the purpose of fully meeting the educational requirement for Chartered Physicist.

The course aims to: • provide students with the knowledge and skills relevant to the needs of modern industry and academic research in physics; • enable students to adapt and respond positively to rapid technological changes; • develop critical, analytical and problem-solving abilities and core skills in preparation for graduate employment in a variety of careers; • foster the development of a self-reliant and open-minded attitude which encourages lifelong learning in educational, work and social contexts.


The assessment policy for the course incorporates a range of assessment types: informal diagnostic tests which determine preparedness for a topic or course; formative tests during courses which provide feedback on performance and are used to inform further development. Continuous assessment during courses and summative assessment at the conclusion of courses both contribute to the overall assessment and are used to measure formally achievement in specified learning outcomes.

Application deadline

15 January

Tuition fees

Students living in United States
(international fees)

£ 19,792per year

Tuition fees shown are for indicative purposes and may vary. Please check with the institution for most up to date details.

Entry requirements

Choose a qualification

A level : BBB

including Physics and Maths for entry to Year 1.For entry to Year 2: AAB including Physics and Maths.


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University information

Heriot-Watt University

  • University League Table


  • Campus address

    Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City Of, EH14 4AS, Scotland

Highly regarded around the world with a strong focus on business, engineering, design and the physical and life sciences.
Culturally diverse, warm and welcoming, Heriot-Watt is one of Scotland's most international universities with a global footprint.
Global companies actively seek out Heriot-Watt graduates due to the nature of the university's research-informed education.

Subject rankings

  • Subject ranking

    11th out of 50 14

  • Entry standards

    / Max 240
    167 74%


  • Graduate prospects

    / Max 100
    82 82%


  • Student satisfaction

    / Max 5
    4.37 87%



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