Five Reasons to Study Education

It may not be necessary to study Education to become a teacher, but here are five reasons why a degree in the subject could help you build a successful career:

1. Interdisciplinary subject

If you could never choose which subject you liked best at school, Education may be the perfect all-rounded degree. You can specialise in different areas such as primary education or adult learning, where a career could see you teaching maths in the morning and music in the afternoon.

2. Course mixture

The structures of Education courses are in place to keep students engaged and to teach them a versatile skillset. There will be lectures, seminars and plenty of practical work – many courses will include placements at schools.

3. Further study

There are courses required to be completed if students want to become qualified teachers. After undergraduate study, students can also teach abroad after completing the TEFL course (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and postgraduate options include courses that focus on social sciences, health and wellbeing.

4. Job opportunities

A degree in Education does not necessarily mean you have to become a teacher. Graduates have filled a range of different professions, including curriculum designers, education psychologists, and education officers in museums or community services.

5. Rewarding

Especially if, in your career, you are teaching people directly, you will see how you make a difference. Working in education is also helping to pioneer the future – you will inspire the younger generations who will continue making the world a better place. Many teachers say that the best aspect of their jobs is seeing a child overcoming a struggle and understanding something being taught.