Seven Reasons to Study Food Science

Maybe you are interested in healthy eating, want to know why popcorn pops, or just love great tasting food. Whatever your taste may be, presumably you have come to this page to look at studying food in finer detail. If you’re still unsure whether Food Science could be the degree for you, these reasons may give you just the push you need:

1. Diversity

There is a plethora of different professions Food Science graduates can enter into. The food industry is one of the largest across the globe – everyone has to eat every single day – thus there will always be jobs available. Skills can be utilised for many different aspects of the food world, with jobs in marketing, teaching, safety, quality management, nutrition, sales, teaching and many, many more. Check out the subject table to see how different universities rank in Food Science.

2. Study abroad

Be involved with the global industry, and the travel opportunities are endless. Students can expect many courses to offer study abroad placements or even years in industry. This not only allows students to truly immerse themselves in the professional world of food, but also to enjoy living in a completely new area. Imagine being sent to Italy – the pasta and pizza capital of the world – and working with food there!

3. Develop numerous skills

Food Science students will not only learn specific technical skills they can apply directly to their work, but also a multitude of transferrable skills. From problem-solving to numerical skills, data analytical skills to  IT knowledge, students can be assured they will not be limited in their abilities to pursue a career in the wider world after graduating. Use course chooser to browse courses in Food Science.

4. Good graduate and starting salary prospects

Many companies have great graduate schemes in place for those with Food Science degrees. If students are not yet ready to leave education after their undergraduate degree, then the availability for further study is widely available. Specialise in areas such as dietetics, biomedical science or environmental management. Find out more about what Food Science graduate do and earn.

5. Creativity and excitement

With countless amounts of ingredients all around the world, the possibilities of what new products you can make are endless. This is an exciting and dynamic area of study and work; in many job roles you won’t know what is waiting around the corner.

6. Earning power

The food industry is immense, and if students secure a managerial role, or work for a large and successful company, there is a strong potential of earning big money!

7. You’ll be working with food

Need we say more?