Six Reasons to Study German

Those struggling to settle on a degree choice and considering German for their studies have come to the right place. The Complete University Guide is on hand to lend its expertise with these compelling reasons for studying German at university, they may just give you the nudge you need:

1. Learn another language

German courses will vary wildly between universities but one thing is for sure, you'll graduate with the ability to read, write and speak German fluently. 

In today's global society multilanguage speakers can go far, it's a skill widely sought after by employers the world over and with 100 million+ German speakers you'll have plenty of opportunity to showcase it.  

2. Learn about German culture

Not only will you study the subject but you'll gain great insight into the culture and society of Germany and other German speaking countries. Universities offer modules in German film, literature, history, politics and more. This in-depth learning gives the language context and relevance as well as developing your ability to reason and think critically.

3. Germany's position on the worldwide stage

Germany is often deemed the European Union's economic powerhouse and with the country being the fourth largest economy in the world it's hard to argue with that notion. As Germany continues to dominate European politics and ever increasingly take centre stage on global affairs surely now is a fascinating as well as sensible time to learn all about its language and culture. The opportunities it will provide could prove priceless.

4. German graduates have good prospects

All the above add up to ensure that German graduates have surprisingly good prospects when it comes to professional-level employment or further study. Order our German subject table by Graduate Prospects and see for yourself. 

5. Joint honours degrees

Most German students choose to study a joint honours degree and combine two passions in one neat university package. Use our CUG Course Chooser to search through the multitude of German courses on offer. 

6. Study abroad

You'll be learning a different language and another culture so it stands to reason that you'll spend a period of time studying abroad. Most German courses last 4 years with one of those years spent in Germany or any other German speaking country, what an opportunity!