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Top Ten Celebrities with History Degrees

in association with the University of Kent

History is one of the most versatile degrees you can take. It demands painstaking research and eloquent arguments. It'll ask you to analyse and debate, consider and compose, and to tackle some of the broadest, most controversial topics humans have dealt with. it's good training, good enough for almost anything. And these ten celebrities with history degrees prove exactly that. 

"Ayn Rand" © Library of Congress

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is probably most famous for writing books as eye-wateringly lengthy as The Fountainhead (311,596 words) and Atlas Shrugged (561,996 words). She also developed Objectivism, a political philosophy all about immutable moral truths and the benefits of Laissez-faire capitalism. Anyone who can come up with stuff like that has to be a bit of a brain-box and Rand was no exception; she cut her writerly teeth as a History student at Petrograd State University.