Seven Reasons to Study Iberian Languages

Based around Spanish and Portuguese, Iberian Languages encompasses many different courses to choose from. If you're wondering whether a degree in this subject area would suit you, here are seven reasons to nudge you in the right direction!

1. You will study a range of topics

When studying an Iberian Languages degree, you will probably be learning as much as possible about the existence of certain countries and regions. This means your university days are unlikely to be dull, as you will be exploring a wide range of different topics such as historical events, art, film, literature, people and much more.


2. You can combine with other subjects

An Iberian Languages degree can be combined as a joint-honours with a different subject area. This provides students with the space to discover more about an even larger range of topics that they may be interested in.

3. There are many opportunities abroad

Most universities that offer an Iberian Languages degree will include a compulsory year of study or work placement abroad. This way, students can experience the culture and have first-hand learning for their studies. When considering careers, those who want a professional job working in a different country will gain many attractive qualities to make it possible!

4. The graduate salaries can be good

Enter a professional job related to Iberian Languages without a degree and you will earn a fairly low starting salary. Enter as a graduate and you can expect to earn a significant chunk more. Read more about what graduates earn.

5. The professional premium is increasing

Not only will you earn more with a degree, but also the professional premium for Iberian Languages is rapidly increasing. In fact, it is the subject with the third greatest increase in professional premium from 2010 to 2015. Find out more about the professional premium.

6. There are many job possibilities

From translation to charity work, tourism to media, there are various and numerous jobs that graduates of Iberian Languages can sink their teeth into after university.

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7. You'll gain transferrable skills

If a career closely related to Iberian Languages is not the path you wish to pursue after graduation, then this subject area is one that will set you up with skills that can be utilised in different sectors or professions. These skills include analysing, interpreting and communicating, and having another language under your belt is extremely attractive to many employers!