Five Reasons to Study Land & Property Management 

Prince William (Flickr)
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is himself a
former student of Land & Property Management

Covering the entire built and natural environment, Land & Property Management is nothing if not comprehensive. While we'd struggle to write a list of reasons to study Land & Property Management that's as comprehensive the subject itself, we can certainly go a long way to answering why you should study Land & Property Management at university!

1. Work placement opportunities

While Land & Property Management is by no means the only subject to offer work placements, the fact that it does should not be overlooked. The theoretical knowledge that you acquire during lectures and seminars is all well and good, but nothing quite matches up to applying this in a practical capacity. Most Land & Property Management courses will include work placements as either an optional or mandatory module, meaning you'll enter working life with more than just a good degree under your belt.

2. The chance to spend time overseas

Many of the work placements offered in Land & Property Management degrees will be based abroad, giving you the opportunity to experience how the industry operates elsewhere. In an increasingly globalised and developed world, employees in areas such as this will be encouraged and perhaps even expected to spend time working in another country, so getting ahead of the pack and doing this during your degree is no bad thing.

3. You'll be in royal company

In 2014, Prince William took a 10-week course in Agricultural Management at the University of Cambridge. The Duke of Cambridge studied numerous aspects of Land & Property Management during this specially-designed programme that saw him take some classes alongside ordinary PhD students at the university. William was understood to have taken the course in preparation for his inheritance of the Duchy of Cornwall estate, and while you wont be able to undertake the same programme as the Prince, you will be able to count one of the world's most famous figures as a fellow student of Land & Property Management.

4. Manage the world around you

It's fair to say that most people, given the opportunity, would love to have a job that changes the world for the better. Well how about a job that quite literally changes the world? Land & Property Management degrees give students the opportunity to shape the world around us, ensuring that the constant development and redevelopment of land does as little as possible to detract from the natural beauty of mother Earth. 

5. Transferable Skills

You can do months of research into what you want to study at university and what you plan to use that degree for after you graduate, but unfortunately that still doesn't guarantee that once you start studying a subject, you'll enjoy it. Thankfully, even if you enrol on a Land & Property Management degree and realise you don't want to work in the industry, you'll still have a wealth of transferable skills that will serve you well in any number of other professions. Among the feathers in your cap will be time management, managing and analysing data, applying theory to practice and the use of IT – all of which are desirable qualities in almost any industry.