Five Reasons to Study Materials Technology

Materials Technology is a wide reaching subject that entails the production and processing of pretty much any material you can think of. As such, there are dozens of reasons to study the subject. Here are just five of them:

1. You have a good chance of having strong Graduate Prospects

The overall Graduate Prospects for Materials Technology are about average, however once you look at the top of the subject table, this all changes. The vast majority of universities in the Top 10 have Graduate Prospects of 80% or above, and although this may sound like a given for a higher ranking institution, the reality is that this feat is a lot rarer than you'd expect. Thus, a healthy selection of universities with Graduate Prospects this high is certainly not to be sniffed at.

2. Your work could have exciting and meaningful consequences

Students of Materials Technology are of true value to society. Why, you ask? Well because, quite simply, in an era when the planet is facing some of its greatest ever environmental challenges, and civilisation is developing like never before, Material Technologists play a huge role in sustaining our way of life.

Aeroplane Engine

Think, for example, of the consequences of developing a new material to help build aircraft; one that made them lighter and more fuel efficient. Or how about a material that could provide an effective solution to storing nuclear waste? The human race has countless problems, and Materials Technology can help to solve so many of them.

3. There's a perfect mix between theoretical and practical learning

Change is good for you. Too much of the same thing, and you'll start to get bored and uninterested. Good news, then, for prospective Materials Technology students, who can look forward to a healthy balance between learning about the theory behind how materials behave, and taking part in practical exercises that test these theories for real.

4. You can keep your options open

Unlike many of the other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, a degree in Materials Technology doesn't tie you down to a career in a specific field. Graduates have gone on to pursue a professional life in fields as varied as mining, biomedicine and aerospace, meaning that this a subject that offers plenty of options should you find yourself in an industry in decline.

5. You'll get transferable skills

Materials Technology is a great subject to study at university, but there's no guarantee that you'll want to work in the field after studying it for three or more years. If you find yourself in this situation, you needn't worry – a degree in Materials Technology will give you a wide range of transferable skills that will impress almost any potential employer.

Cv Transferable Skills

Among the many desirable qualities that you'll be able to list on your CV are: 

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Commercial awareness
  • Mathematical skills
  • High level of competence with IT

Impressive attributes indeed!