Top Five Most Influential Mathematicians

Mathematics has been a subject valued highly in society since antiquity. It has some influence on nearly everything we use on a daily basis. Computing, architecture, cartography among many other practices owe a lot of their progress to the use of mathematics. Those who master the science of numbers inevitably leave a legacy and so here is just a handful of the most notable mathematicians humanity has produced.

Image © Galilea, used under CC BY-SA 3.0


570–495 BC

Born on the island of Samos, an Ionian Greek island, Pythagoras became one of the most recognised names in mathematics. Set up during his life, the school of Pythagoreanism boasted such achievements as providing proof to the theory that a² + b² = c². What may have been the bain of GCSE students' lives for two years was in actual fact an incredibly important discovery and a major mathematic achievement.