Getting into Medicine: Top Tips for Applicants

We spoke to Medicine students past and present and asked their advice for those now undergoing the gruelling application process. And they helped us come up with the top tips for medicine applicants:

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1. Make sure medicine is for you

It’s very difficult to really know what you will want to do when you’re a fully grown and functioning member of society, but there are some aspects of doctoring that you must be aware of and ready to take on:

  • Long hours – on the job and whilst studying. And having to work longer than you’re contracted to, despite the European Working Directive.
  • Strange shift patterns – doctoring certainly ain’t a 9 to 5. You’ll be expected to do ward cover and night shifts, putting your body and mind under a considerable amount of stress. Stress that some will crack under. You won’t be immune to this whilst studying either – students have their fair share of night shifts as well.
  • Responsibility – bear in mind that you’ll be responsible for people’s lives, this is a huge ask for anybody so just be sure you can deal with it.

Don't fake it as a medicine applicant, we assure you, you'll be rumbled. 

Still got your heart set on medicine? Good for you – read on.