Six Reasons to Study Middle Eastern & African Studies

Are you interested in studying a degree in this subject area? Our list below has six reasons why we believe that Middle Eastern & African Studies is an excellent course choice:

1. There are amazing things to discover

The wealth of ancient history that Middle Eastern and African countries have is seemingly infinite. Their colourful history means that there will always be exciting and new aspects for you to explore, which will open doors to understanding current society and culture.


2. You can study a beautiful language

They may be detailed and difficult, but if you know a language such as Arabic or Persian it is a huge achievement. It can also be incredibly attractive to an employer in certain professional areas.

3. It is an interdisciplinary subject

From politics to music, art to religion, there are many topics you can enjoy being educated on. Students of Middle Eastern & African Studies who are genuinely interested are unlikely to have boring and repetitive lectures and seminars!

4. There are opportunities to study abroad

Many universities offer study placements abroad to countries such as Morocco or Turkey. You have the freedom to immerse yourself in the wondrous culture and experience things first-hand!

Arabian Nights

5. The job options are abundant

There are plenty of opportunities for graduates of Middle Eastern & African Studies to pursue a career related to their degree. Potential areas of employment can include translation, teaching, tourism or finance.

6. You'll gain valuable transferrable skills

Skills that will be developed during a Middle Eastern & African Studies degree will assist greatly if you decide to go down a career route unrelated to the subject area. These skills include gathering information, interpretation, presentation, and many more.