Six Reasons to Study Music

Music plays a huge part in many people's lives. If you're unsure if it is a worthwhile subject to study at university, here are six reasons why it is:

1. Propel your hobby

Music may be a hobby of yours that is fuelled by passion. If this is you, then you are already a strong candidate for a degree in music, and likely to do well. Plus, you get to do what you love during your degree!

2. Work with talented individuals

Tutors and other university staff that you may work with are likely to be talented and an inspiration to your work. Some departments are even connected to professional musicians outside of the university who may visit to teach a masterclass or give a special lecture to assist with your learning.

3. Chance to explore externally

Many universities offer students the opportunity to take an industry placement year, where they can gain invaluable work experience and knowledge. Some may even offer the chance to study abroad.

4. Postgraduate options

Students have the opportunity to specialise in a large amount of different areas if they continue studying after their initial degree. This includes production, composing, theatre and much more.

5. Transferrable skills

From critical thinking to administration, those who study Music gain a wide range of skills. If a career in music isn’t what you end up doing after graduation – no worries – for these skills can be applied to many different professions.

6. Jobs in abundance

Music graduates have nothing to fear in the job market. Roles include performing, teaching, composing, working with film, TV, radio or computer games.