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Ten Famous Psychologists and Their Achievements

in association with the University of Kent

For better or worse a number of psychologists have gained some notoriety over the years, with a few considered outright famous. Here’s a list of significant psychologists and their major contributions to the field. 


Stanley Milgram 1935–1984

Milgram began his university career with an undergraduate degree in political science, moving on to pursue his passion in social psychology by studying for a Ph.D at Harvard. He became renowned for his work regarding the “Behavioural Study of Obedience”. In this study, Milgram measured the willingness of subjects to obey an authority figure, despite ordering the participants to perform acts conflicting with their conscience. He found that 26 of the 40 subjects seemingly delivered electric shocks of up to 450 volts to another person, when ordered to do so. The shocks were fake but the experiment has been used to suggest why humans are willing to commit the most appalling atrocities in times of war. Despite a backlash from the scientific community the experiments are still considered hugely influential today.