Top Ten Robots in Film & TV

Embedded intelligence has become a leading aspect of our technological forecast: the future predicts that robots will soon become integrated into our everyday lives, providing assistance in sectors such as health, education and entertainment. Screenwriters, TV producers and film directors love exploring purposes and personalities of robots in an entertaining manner for viewers. In our list of the best robot characters in film & TV, see the trends that appear to emerge of robots being more charming and heroic than what you may initially think.


10. Bender, Futurama

Bender is the grotesque and semi-lovable robot from the cartoon TV series Futurama,  created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. Originally designed to be an industrial metalworking robot fully named Bending Unit 22, the character is a somewhat rebellious, scheming, gambling alcoholic; probably not the kind of machine you would want to get assistance from.