Six Reasons to Study Social Policy

If you're interested in the social sciences and how government systems work, then maybe a degree in Social Policy would suit you. We've compiled a list of six reasons why it is an excellent subject area to study:

1. You can promote positivity

Social Policy is all about improving the well-being of society on a large scale. Students will learn how the government and society tackles issues of welfare, and they will be trained to make a positive impact in the world after graduating.

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2. It combines other subject areas

This subject area encompasses several other topics taken within the social sciences, including Sociology, Economics and Politics. Degrees are varied and interesting, and can also be studied as a joint-honours with another subject.

3. Participate in exciting debate topics

From child poverty to racial inequalities, there is plenty of space for students to argue constructively with staff and other students in order to develop critical skills and prepare for a career that may require similar work.

4. There are opportunities to study abroad

Many universities offer students of Social Policy the chance to spend a year abroad to study in a foreign university. This helps broaden students' knowledge of how structures of societies work in different cultures.

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5. It's a vocational degree with many job options

Social Policy students can look forward to a large selection of different career paths. This includes careers in the media, education, the government and NGOs.

6. You will gain transferrable skills

Students who study Social Policy develop a wealth of important skills that can be employed in many other professions. This includes creative, problem solving, teamwork, presentation, theoretical and analytical skills.