Five of the Most Isolated Societies on Earth

Society can take many different forms. It can be a picturesque village in the English countryside, it can be a mega city with millions upon millions of people; it can even be found in far flung corners of the earth, untouched by the increasingly globalised nature of the world. For anyone thinking about studying Sociology or Anthropology, we have created this short list of some of the world's most isolated human societies, more or less untouched by modern civilisation.


5. Brazilian Tribes


  • One of the world's most mysterious countries on account of its vast rainforests is Brazil, and there still remains tribes, 77 at least, which have been only glanced at through the blurry pictures from a helicopter.
  •  Diets consist of home grown crops and turtles, but this does not mean that their fire power is small. With 1 bow measuring 4 metres in length, these monsters have been used against planes and helicopters (admittedly to no avail). 
  • Many experts predict that the animosity shown towards outsiders by these tribes is a result of a cultural memory of the original European settlers. These foreigners committed genocide against the indigenous tribes-people of South America.
  •  Enslavement for the rubber business caused tribes to go deeper into the forest to avoid the whips and shackles of greedy colonialists.