Seven Reasons to Study Theology & Religious Studies

A broad and inclusive subject area, Theology & Religious Studies offers many exciting experiences for those who wish to study it. Here are seven reasons to encourage you to do so:

1. You can deepen your understanding of society

Religion has been deep rooted within humankind for as long as historical written accounts can tell us. It has had a huge impact on all cultures across the globe, and by learning the depths of the subject, students can broaden their knowledge of how people work.

2. It is a really relevant subject

Some people may believe that Theology & Religious Studies is an outdated subject area, but it is pertinent and very important. Nearly every day there is something religion-related on the news, and the demand in certain fields for individuals who are sufficiently educated in this area is still prominent.

3. You can combine other disciplines

If you are worried that studying only one subject area is too narrow and tedious, with Theology & Religious Studies you can think again. Because it is partly a study of culture and how humans live, the area fuses together many different disciplines, such as Philosophy, Art, Literature, History, Psychology and Politics.

4. It encourages reflection and debate

In Theology & Religious Studies, students are required to take the time to really think deeply about topics within the subject area. There is a lot of room for scepticism and scientific questioning, so for those who like to philosophise over theories or ponder about the future, this could be a suitable degree for them.

5. You have the option to study abroad

This subject area encompasses global religion, and therefore many universities offer the opportunity to study abroad. This allows students to become immersed in a different culture, and assists with the understanding of their studies.

6. There are many job opportunities

Graduates of Theology & Religious Studies have plenty of career options. This includes teaching, law, social work, law and even medicine.

7. You'll gain transferrable skills

Theology & Religious Studies students will gain a plethora of useful skills during their degree that can be utilised in many different professions, should a career directly related to the subject not be suitable. These are skills such as critical thinking, research, interpretation, presentation and communication.