Top Ten Subjects for Graduate Earnings

Prospective students at the outset of the 'choosing a course' process may wish to consult with our 'what do graduates do and earn?' pages. We've collated the mean salaries of graduates* from each university subject, and here we list the top 10 subjects for graduate earnings. We're not encouraging the idea that money equals success, but for people attracted by the prospect of high earning, this article may be of interest – and with fees at £9,250 per year, who could blame you?

*2016 graduates in full-time professional (a job that usually requires a degree) employment. HESA 2015–2016.

Image © gianni, used under CC BY 2.0

10. Physics & Astronomy

Average Salary: £26,731

Studying Physics & Astronomy is notoriously tough going but at least you can look forward to a pretty decent starting salary. Students in this field explore the fundamental laws of the universe and how this knowledge can be used to tackle global challenges and aid our very existence.

Physics & Astonomy is about as scientific a field as you can get and the jobs available to graduates reflect that fact. Students may go on to be research scientists, geophysicists, radiation experts, or even secondary school teachers.

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