Top Ten Subjects for Graduate Employability

Choosing a university course can prove a tricky time for the UK's prospective students. There's all sorts of things to consider and with fees at a whopping £9,250 a year at most universities it's even more important to get it right. Naturally careers prospects are cited as a major factor when choosing a course, and we here at The Complete University Guide are once again on hand to lend our expertise in this area. 

Here's a countdown of the top 10 subjects for graduate employability*. Check out 'What do Graduates Do and Earn?' for the full list of subjects and graduate destinations.

*% of graduates in full-time professional (a job that usually requires a degree) level employment 6 months after leaving university. HESA 2016–17.

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1. Dentistry

Graduate Employability: 97%

If you're afraid of going to the Dentist's then this may not be the subject for you, but if not, listen up. Studying Dentistry you'll leave prepared for a career in dental practice, and as the graduate employability score can testify, your skills will be in demand. With such a specific career path comes a very vocational course, with students the UK over mastering basic competencies within university facilities first before being unleashed on to the public soon after. 

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