Top Three Subjects with the Most Improved Starting Salaries

Our article on 'Starting salaries – do graduates earn more?' takes a detailed look at how much graduates in professional-level employment can expect to earn for 70 subjects, but it also explores how things have changed for each subject over five years. Using a comparison of starting salaries for graduates from 2011 and 2016*, we've listed the three subjects which have seen the most significant improvement in professional starting salary in the past five years. 

*Graduates in full-time professional (a job that usually requires a degree) employment. The 2011 figures have been adjusted for inflation. HESA 2015–2016.

"Celtic Studies"

3. Celtic Studies

2011 (inflated): £18,023
2016: £20,116
Change: +11%

If you're a student of Celtic Studies, or just planning on becoming one, you certainly have some reasons to be cheerful when it comes to your graduate prospects. It may be a relatively niche subject, but with starting salaries as high as this, it will surely become a popular subject in no time.

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