Distance learning with the University of Bradford – Ismar 

Ismar Ceremida - Bradford

Ismar, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, has a strong business background and currently works for the United Nations Development Programme. He wants to get involved with Circular Economy and hopes that an MBA in Enterprise, Innovation and Circular Economy, studied via distance learning at the University of Bradford, will help him do so.

Why did you choose to study via distance learning?

  • The distance learning platform is the best fit for me because I can balance my busy professional life and my family life with studying for the MBA.
  • This allows me to advance my career without leaving my current job as well as get plenty of quality time with my family.

How did you find the application process?

  • The application process was very streamlined and simple. The University of Bradford website gives all you all the necessary information and the Admissions people have been more than helpful and very forthcoming.

Was it easy to find useful information about Distance Learning?

  • The University of Bradford website is well structured and provides a plethora of useful information and resources to make a sound decision whether to apply or not.

How do the fees compare to traditional courses?

  • For me the fees are very attractive when comparing with the traditional courses. Of course there is also room and board expenses that you do not need to pay. 
  • An excellent thing about Bradford is the Financial Times rating and the triple-crown accreditation which brings rare credentials to the school.

How are you finding the experience of studying via distance learning?

  • The experience so far is very interesting. The topics covered are very good and the reading material covers a broad range of relevant topics.
  • There is also a good section on additional reading materials for students who would like to go deeper into particular topics.
  • I have had to adapt my expectations since this is the first time I am using the distance learning platform. All in all, I am definitely happy that I chose a distance learning MBA.

Anything you’re finding more difficult compared to traditional teaching courses?

  • Maybe not more difficult, but different. Distance learning forces you to motivate yourself more to find time and organise your learning activities. It requires self-discipline and motivation which in a sense is professional quality of managers. 

Any obvious benefits to studying via distance learning when compared to traditional teaching courses?

  • Time management. I decide when and where to study rather than have it timetables for me. 

Does the university support your learning well?

  • The Effective Learning Centre is really helpful and it is full of good resources. Bradford really cares about its students and wants to make the learning experience as good and as fun as possible.
  • Frequent webinars on library usage and other effective learning topics are good choice for any student, regardless of professional experience.

What do you plan to do after your course?

  • Hopefully I will graduate in 2015 or at the beginning of 2016. I am planning to get involved more with Circular Economy and utilise the knowledge I have gained through my MBA studies.

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