University of East Anglia (UEA)

Why Study Here?

  • UEA has a student population of 15,000 and is home to more than 3,500 students from outside the UK.
  • We provide specific support and information for international students, from Summer Schools, visa and entry requirement guidance, and Student Ambassadors, to a range of support options when you join us.The University of East Anglia provides the perfect balance between academic excellence and a brilliant student experience.
  • Through our world leading research, enviable location, and unique sense of community, we strive to offer students a truly special time with us. At UEA, you don't just get an education; you make friends for life, gain an unparalleled knowledge of your subject area, and create memories you will never forget.
  • You can find stories from overseas students who have studied at the University of East Anglia on ourwebsite.

What Do International Students Study?

English Language Requirements

  • All of our undergraduate courses require at least a score of IELTS 6.0.
  • Postgraduate courses require at least a score of IELTS 6.5.
  • Please note that some courses require a higher score – international students are advised to check the specific details for the course(s) in which they are interested.

Fees and Funding

The following are the typical annual course fees for overseas students submitted to us by the university (Reddin Survey of University Tuition Fees 2016–2017):

Type of Course Undergraduate Taught Postgraduate
Classroom £14,500 £14,500
Mixed - -
Laboratory £17,850 £17,850
Clinical £28,550 £14,500

Bursaries and Scholarships

  • The University of East Anglia is currently offering 50 scholarships between 25–50% for undergraduate International Students and 50 scholarships between 25–50% for postgraduate International Students for the 2015–16 academic year.

Pre-Arrival and Welcome

  • The University of East Anglia’s International Student Advice Team organises and delivers an Arrivals and Orientation schedule for all new international students to UEA. International Arrivals and Orientation is held the week before term starts. Our aim is to help our students to settle in and get adjusted to life in the UK and at UEA as quickly as possible.
  • The Pre-Departure Guide which provides useful and practical details about obtaining a visa, travelling to Norwich and the University campus, healthcare, money, and much more. Students are also encouraged to view and enjoy two short videos which have been produced to help them prepare and get ready for their arrival at UEA. 
  • Pre-arrival, students are also invited to join our International Students Community on the UEA Facebook page. This allows new students with the opportunity to link up with each other, and also to link up with current UEA students, before they arrive at the University. We also post useful information about what is happening in and around campus to help students really start to feel part of our community.
  • During Arrival Week, the International Student Advice Team will be welcomes students, organises an orientation programme and holds a variety of events and activities. This ensures that students have access to important information and gives students a chance to meet each other.
  • At this stage, new international students may apply for a UK buddy, through the International Team’s UEA Friends scheme, to help them settle into the University.
  • Individual Schools of Study also have their own induction schedules and the UEA Student Union holds many events, including opportunities to sign up for clubs and societies.
  • At UEA, we invite our international students to arrive a few days before the rest of the student body. These extra few days really help our international students to settle in and make the transition to the UK and University life as easy as possible before the semester starts. 
  • Our specific International Student Arrival Days help to support new international students who are living in campus accommodation at the University. Students are welcomed to UEA, assisted in gaining their room key and in locating their accommodation block – and also helped with their luggage! We provide a schedule of activities will be taking place over the next few days, as well as information to help students familiarise themselves with Norwich and the UK. International students who have chosen to live off-campus are invited to the University to join in the scheduled activities and collect any further information they may need.
  • During Arrival Week, the International Student Advice Team works closely with UEA’s Student Union to organise events and activities to ensure that our international students enjoy a warm welcome. Activities include UEA Campus Tours, Lifestyle Events (e.g. to ensure students are well-equipped to cook for themselves, etc), Walking Tours and Themed Trails to help familiarise students with the City of Norwich, and Regional Trips (e.g. to Cambridge).
  • Our Orientation Programme also provides international students with the opportunity to hear short presentations about the variety of services available to them across the University campus. These include presentations about how to register at the UEA Medical Centre, how the UK university education system works, campus safety and services, and practicalities such as opening a UK bank account. Students will also receive essential information about all of the Student Services available.

Accommodation for International Students

  • The University of East Anglia offers some of the best student accommodation in the UK. There are around 3,600 student rooms available, including a small number of two bedroom units for students with families. All study rooms are self-catering and each is connected to the university’s computer network for free and fast access to the internet (included in the accommodation cost).
  • All international students have the option to apply for accommodation at the university and in the centre of Norwich.
  • Subject to certain eligibility criteria, all first year international students new to UEA are usually guaranteed accommodation as a single student in university residences.
  • All residences on the university’s campus are no more than a few minutes’ walk from each other. Please access the UEA campus map to view accommodation locations.
  • Residences based in Norwich are within cycling distance.
  • Students do not have to move out of their accommodation each vacation. All students are required to sign an accommodation contract. The Licence sets out your room details, the exact dates of the licence period and the complete licence fee. The minimum licence period is 38 weeks. Further information is available on the website.
  • The university offers a variety of accommodation options and prices to suit different budgets. 

Organisations for International Students

  • All students at the University of East Anglia are actively invited to join the clubs and societies offered by the Union of UEA Students. There is also a specific International Student Society.
  • All students are also actively encouraged to seek advice and reassurance from our Student Services and the International Student Advisory Team.