University of East London

Clearing open days

Get a taste for life at UEL by attending a campus tour. These events are an excellent opportunity to discover more about the university and help you to make your decision.

Clearing campus tours will be taking place at Docklands and Stratford everyday between Friday 17 and Friday 24 August (including Saturday 18 August) at 1.45pm.

Top tips for Clearing

  • Keep calm Try your best to stay calm and motivated during Clearing – keeping a cool head will increase your chances of finding a course and university you’re happy with.
  • Check UCAS Universities will advertise any places they have left on the UCAS website. You can log on and see the official UCAS vacancy list from July to September each year. The vacancy list is updated regularly to reflect universities and courses with availability.
  • Consider options If you previously applied to courses it’s wise to consider different subjects – many students don’t stick to their original choice of course in Clearing. If you don’t hold any offers, missed the deadline or have changed your mind, the vacancy list can present new options you may not have thought of initially.
  • Give UEL a call Pick up the phone and talk it through – they are there and happy to help! It will all feel a lot less scary once you’re talking through any questions and queries with a member of the team. They have a dedicated Clearing hotline (0333 733 4306) so make the most of it. Speak to an advisor about any of the courses you’re interested in. They will be able to give verbal offers over the phone.


UEL is one of the very few universities in London to offer on-campus accommodation. The waterfront Halls of Residence are convenient, secure and comfortable – and living on campus is a great way to make friends.

Availability is allocated to students on a first come first served basis. To check availability and apply for your place, get in touch with the Residential Life team on 0333 733 4306 or at email them.

Clearing success stories