Student Accommodation

  • Postgraduate research students are guaranteed an offer of accommodation during all years of studying at the university.
  • Postgraduate taught students coming from outside the EU are guaranteed an offer of accommodation.
  • The university provides a wide range of self-catered accommodation options.
  • The majority of university accommodation is up to 1.5 km from the university central area, a 15–20 minute walk.
  • Postgraduate accommodation leases are for the full 51 week period each year.

Postgraduate Fees

The following are the typical annual course fees for postgraduate students submitted to us by the university (Reddin Survey of University Tuition Fees 2017–2018). Always confirm individual course fees with the university.

Type of Course Taught Postgraduate
Classroom £9,500
Mixed -
Laboratory £10,800
Clinical £10,800
Teaching takes place in a classroom or ordinary lecture theatre. Subjects with classroom teaching might include history, maths and philosophy.
Subjects taught in classrooms and laboratories, such as languages.
Much of the teaching may take place in a laboratory and includes biology, chemistry and physics.
Dentistry, medicine and veterinary medicine are the clinical subjects.

Bursaries and Scholarships

  • The University of Edinburgh offers a number of Principal’s Career Development Scholarships for applicants applying to study a PhD programme. Each scholarship covers the UK rate of tuition fee and living cost support of currently £14,500 for 3 years of study.
  • 30 Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships are available for non-EU applicants applying to study a PhD programme. Each scholarship covers the difference between the UK and International rate of tuition fee.
  • Research Council funding offers awards to postgraduate doctoral students across the range of academic disciplines. Awards normally cover the UK rate of tuition fee and eligible applicants also receive a maintenance allowance.
  • A number of Edinburgh Global Masters Scholarships for non-EU applicants applying to study a 1 year Masters programme will be available. Each award will have a value of £10,000.
  • The University of Edinburgh also offers a number of joint awards through the Chevening Partnership Scholarship Program for Masters applicants. Each scholarship covers full tuition fee and living cost support.


  • University of Edinburgh offers postgraduate research programmes across a wide range of disciplines, from Art to Astrophysics and from South Asian Studies to Stem Cell Research. 
  • Please refer to the university website for details.

What do Postgraduate Students Study?

9,425 postgraduate students in 2015–16:

Mode of study

  • Full Time 77%
  • Part Time 23%


  • UK 46%
  • EU 16%
  • Other 38%

Numbers of Students by Subject Area

Subject Research Taught Total
Education 110 970 1080
Medicine & dentistry 380 570 950
Social studies 245 515 760
Biological sciences 445 255 700
Business & administrative studies 85 545 635
Physical sciences 360 245 605
Languages 240 320 560
Historical & philosophical studies 260 295 555
Law 70 350 425
Engineering & technology 245 175 420
Computer science 190 205 395
Architecture, building & planning 60 325 385
Agriculture & related subjects 180 185 370
Subjects allied to medicine 100 230 335
Creative arts & design 70 240 310
Mathematical sciences 40 90 130
Combined 0 100 100
Mass communications & documentation 5 45 50
Veterinary science 15 5 20

Figures are rounded to the nearest five.

Postgraduate Courses

Type of Qualification:

Mode of study: