2020 Complete University Guide League Tables

2020 Complete University Guide League Tables

Discover which UK universities rank best nationally and in 70 different subject areas.

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NEW: UK University League Tables 2020

Published Wednesday 1 May 2019

We rank over 140 UK universities and colleges in the Main Table, specialist Arts, Drama & Music Table, and 70 Subject Tables. See the national and regional press releases for this year's publication:

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Universities and colleges ranked in the league tables can obtain CUG award badges. Email us if you wish to be informed when award badges for the 2020 University League Tables are available.

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Our consultations with Higher Education providers are completed online. If you wish to know who has been consulted in your institution, please contact Alison Patterson, University Liaison and Research Manager.

If you wish to make amendments to an existing profile, please get in touch with Alison at the email address above. If you are from a FE college and wish to provide a profile, please get in touch with Alison.

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