Osaka University, Japan

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Student Accommodation

Osaka University Residential Facilities for international students (accurate as of July 2014):

  • Housing not guaranteed, but applications are accepted at a first-come-first-serve basis, most with a limited lodging period (up to 1 year, or the duration of a master’s/doctoral course).
  • Price ranging from 5,900~16,000 yen/month (£31.66~£85.85, as of 23/11/2015) for a single room.
  • Family and couple rooms are also available at 11,900~14,200 yen/month (£63.85~£76.19, as of 23/11/2015).

Alternative accommodations:

  • Shared houses: around 30,000-70,000 yen/year (£160.96-£375.57, as of 23/11/2015) (for one bedroom).
  • Private housing: around 50,000-120,000 yen/year (£268.27-£643.84, as of 23/11/2015) (for 1 bedroom with living dining and kitchen).