Studying in Bulgaria

Universities in Bulgaria

Why study abroad in Bulgaria?

Although not an obvious choice for studying abroad, a university education in Bulgaria has its merits, not least because of its status as a member of the European Union.

  • The quality of universities in Bulgaria is ensured by the Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA) which is a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).
  • Some Bulgarian universities offer all courses in English. Other universities offer a selection of courses in English. 

Entry and visa regulations

UK and EU residents do not need a visa to study in Bulgaria, and may apply directly to the institution(s).

  • UK and EU students do, however, need to register with the police, after which they will be issued with a national identity card and temporary residence lasting up to five years.  
  • Students can apply to any university in Bulgaria. They should contact their university of choice to find out the specific entry requirements. Application deadlines vary from one university to the next but it is advised that students apply as early as possible. 

Funding your study

Fees at Bulgarian universities vary greatly, depending on course and language of instruction. One can pay anything from £1,594 to £6,378 per year with courses taught in Bulgarian being cheaper.

  • UK and EU students in Bulgaria are eligible for the Bulgarian tuition fee loan. Students may also be entitled to receive grants to cover living costs. Students can apply for government and university scholarships on the same basis as home students.
  • EU students can work in Bulgaria without any additional permission, however with unemployment at a relatively high level, jobs may be hard to come by. Seasonal work in the ski industry is usually available but wages are low.


More often than not universities in Bulgaria have a student halls of residence. Places are offered on a first-come first-served basis. Many students, however, prefer to rent privately.

Cost of Living

Bulgaria is one of the most inexpensive countries in the EU in terms of living expenses. Some typical approximate costs (GBP, April 2015) are:

  • Apartment £105 - £146 per month
  • Meal, inexpensive restaurant £2.97
  • Meal at McDonalds £2.60
  • Domestic beer (0.5 litre draught) £0.74
  • Imported beer (0.33 litre bottle) £0.96
  • Cappuccino £0.70
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle) £0.60
  • Water (0.33 litre bottle) £0.36
  • Loaf of bread £0.34
  • Cigarettes £1.86
  • One-way ticket local transport £0.37
  • Cinema ticket £3.71

Health and safety

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