Varna University of Management

Student Services and Facilities

Student jobs

  • International students are not permitted to work part-time during their studies.

Careers advice

  • IUC has strong relationships with some of the leading hotel chains represented in Bulgaria, such as Holiday Inn, Iberostar, Solmelia. We connect a large number of small local hospitality businesses with our current students and graduates.
  • IUC graduates boast a very high reputation in local and international labor markets. Most of them occupy middle and top management positions in international organisations among which are: global hotel chains, trading companies, educational institutions, financial and consulting companies. Due to their knowledge of languages, international experience and contemporary education they stand out from the crowd.
  • Considering half of all students continue to seek careers in business related activities, they deserve some combination of instruction which will give them a higher degree of confidence for successful careers. As economic affairs become more complex, we at IUC strive to provide students with greater knowledge that will help them meet the intellectual requirements of European business.

Culinary Arts Institute

Upon graduation every alumni becomes a member of our alumni network, which gives access to a number of services:

  • Free of charge career management and recruitment services – CV design, job search advice, interview performance, legal advice of employability in different countries.
  • CAI is developing its own job board where only employers assessed by CAI will be advertising their current job openings. The recruitment and placement is free of charge for CAI’s graduates.
  • CAI’s graduates can attend all international career fairs, held by CAI.
  • Up to 20 hours of classes in gastronomy and culinary arts per year for skills refreshers.
  • Access to the students and alumni library (excluding the e-library).
  • Access to the articles, textbooks, journals, published by CAI and IUC.
  • Priority for participation in culinary competitions, organised by CAI.

Disability support

  • IUC acknowledges that it has a duty to serve the educational needs of all its students. As such, the college is equipped for students/staff/faculty with disabilities.
  • The main building in Dobrich can be accessed by students with physical disabilities. Specifically, there are lifts available and ramps for wheelchairs at the entrance.


  • International University College (IUC) is a recognised institution of higher education, originating in 1992.
  • Throughout the years, International University College has witnessed rapid development and has immensely increased its student base. As a result of the growth International University College received accreditation under the Higher Education Act in the Republic of Bulgaria, on May 5th 1999 (published in State Gazette 44/1999).

 Culinary Arts Institute at IUC

  • The Culinary Arts Institute at IUC (CAI) will open its doors in February 2015. 
  • CAI is a modern version of the traditional culinary arts education. 
  • CAI will create culinary architects, who are competitive in national and international markets. 
  • The school's mission is “to promote the classics, respect the modern and lead the revolution in the culinary world as we go a step beyond traditional culinary studies, incorporating experimental cooking in as well as considering the current trends of locally grown produce, locally sourced meats and fish; healthy cooking, sustainable seafood, and nose-to-tale cooking." 
  • CAI’s core values are confidence, perfectionism and creativity.
  • Why are we in the field of education – To develop knowledgeable and highly creative chefs.
  • Why we are better – because we are different, we know where we stand and we keep our promises of high quality, consistent, modern and innovative culinary transformation (education is in the heart of transformation from a classic chef – to an innovator, designer, food ideologist).


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