Université Joseph Fourier

Student Services and Facilities

Student jobs

  • International students are allowed to work up to 19.5 hours per week in part-time employment.

Disability support

  • Service Accueil Handicap offers help to disabled students to ensure equal access and opportunity to all university programmes.

Students' Union

  • The university hosts over 250 student associations, including two orchestras and one choir.
  • EVE, the student social centre, organises cultural events, meetings and concerts.


  • Université Joseph Fourier (UJF) is a public research-intensive university offering programmes in science, technology and health.
  • The university was founded in its present form in 1971, but its history dates back to 1339.

Notable Alumni and Famous Faces

  • Alim-Louis Benabid – retired professor, neurosurgeon and member of the French Academy of Sciences.
  • Maurice Manificat – cross country skier.
  • Yves Bréchet – physicist, specialist of material science, professor at Grenoble Institute of Technology.
  • Josh Silver – physicist, discovered a new way to change the curvature of lenses.
  • Patrick Cousot – computer scientist.
  • Maurice Nivat – computer scientist.
  • Jona von Ustinov – German journalist and diplomat who worked for MI5 during the time of the Nazi regime.
  • Jean-Pierre Wintenberger – mathematician.


Université Joseph Fourier, 621 Avenue Centrale, 38041 Saint-Martin-d'Hères, France