Université Joseph Fourier

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Student Accommodation

  • The university’s halls of residence are situated on campus and are managed by CROUS, a French regional organisation providing university halls of residence.
  • A room in a conventional university hall typically costs around €160–250 per month (very basic accommodation).
  • A room in a renovated university hall typically costs around €300–600 per month.
  • A studio flat (one room) or small flat (one room and a kitchen) typically costs around €450–600 per month.
  • Meals are not included in the price of rent.
  • The number of students at UJF far exceeds the number of places available in student residences, and students are encouraged to find private accommodation.
  • Exchange students are guaranteed accommodation in university halls of residence. However, students registering for the first time in the first year of a Bachelor’s degree are not automatically entitled to university accommodation.