Georg-August-Universität Göttingen

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Student Accommodation

  • As Göttingen is a typical student town, the cost of accommodation is comparatively low. To cover the cost of living in Göttingen, you currently need at least £500 to £595 a month  (€600–700). 
  • This figure covers accommodation, food, health insurance, books, etc.
  • In addition, the Göttingen Student’s Association, called 'Studentenwerk', provides a good and affordable basic infrastructure with numerous dormitories, cafeterias and dining facilities.
  • Many of the cultural and sports facilities, and public transportation authorities offer student discounts.
  • The International Office in collaboration with Studentenwerk, helps students seeking accommodation.
  • Many international students live in student residence halls. These are single or shared apartments with individual rooms. There are also apartments available for couples and families with children.
  • In addition, the university will help students find privately-owned accommodation, for example as sub-tenants to students from Göttingen who go abroad for one or two semesters themselves.