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Student Accommodation

  • The University of Milano–Bicocca offers some accommodation  this service is linked to the institutional activities and to the initiatives of the University. 
  • Majority of accommodation is provided by other institutions.
  • C.I.D.I.S. is a public interuniversity consortium that manages activities in favour of the "right to study" (State-sponsored scholarships and grants for outstanding students in need of financial aid). The C.I.D.I.S. office also manages applications to these scholarships (based on merit and family income), free cafeteria vouchers, assignment of dormitory rooms, information on degree courses, organisation of language courses and legal counselling for students.
  • Agenzia Uni is a project of the city of Milan which facilitates contact between accommodation owners and students. It also helps students find an individual or shared apartment. 
  • Collegio di Milano was created in order to propose an innovative educational itinerary to the best students of the universities of Milan. It helps the selected students not only with accommodation, but also with a cultural programme to enlarge their knowledge.
  • Camplus is a network of accommodation and residences that not only offers a housing service, but also promotes educational initiatives in addition to a specific study support.