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Why study abroad in the Netherlands?

Given the hefty cost of car insurance in the UK, bicycles are the preferred mode of transport for many students. So it shouldn’t be too hard to make the transition to life in the Netherlands, where the biking culture is so strong almost half of all journeys are made by bike. An abundance of English-language degrees means that course options are almost unlimited.

Entry and visa regulations

UK residents do not need a visa to study in the Netherlands but must register with the local city council for the area in which they live.

Funding your study

Annual tuition fees are about €1,700 for EU students on undergraduate courses, although fees are higher at private universities and university colleges.

Living costs are comparable with those in the UK and student discounts are available in many places. Typical prices (GBP, March 2015) include:

Students do not commonly live on campus in the Netherlands and finding a room can be time-consuming and expensive so start early and ask your university for details of any recommended agencies.

Health and safety

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