Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Student Services and Facilities

Student jobs

  • Part-time work is available for international students according to their qualifications.

Disability support

  • UAM's Solidarity and Cooperation Office with a Disability Advisory Service offer direct help to the entire university community, of students, teaching and administrative staff.
  • The Disability Advisory Service's objective is to guarantee equal opportunities in academic university life to those with disabilities as well as promote sensitivity and awareness among the community.

Students' Union

  • Faculties and Schools have Student Associations which include the Madrid Autonomous University Association of Students and Foreign Researchers.


  • Madrid's Autonomous University (UAM) was founded in 1968, initially without its own campus. 
  • Development started in 1970 with the opening of what is today its prestigious Faculty of Medicine, situated close to Madrid's La Paz hospital. 
  • The Cantoblanco campus was inaugurated on October 25, 1971, marking the start of a period of expansion and consolidation in which the number of courses offered increased alongside the number of research projects as well as support services for both activities.
  • The Faculty of Psychology was founded in 1983 and the planning proposal for the Cantoblanco campus was approved, allowing development in subsequent years via numerous buildings and installations. UAM has been a Campus of International Excellence (CIE) since 2009.
  • The CIE UAM+CSIC project represents a quantum leap in terms of strategy, and aims to make the university an internationally recognised physical campus where a scientific research environment which is attractive to students, teaching and administrative staff combines with quality services, research, teaching and management for a marked social, economic and cultural impact. 

Notable Alumni and Famous Faces

  • HRH Prince Felipede Borbón y Grecia, Prince of Asturias
  • Many ministers of different Spanish governments, amongst other well-known figures of public life.


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid, Spain