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Nikoleta - Why I chose to study in the UK

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The quality of the universities

The UK is the world’s second most popular destination for university students. With as many as 19 institutions featured in the word’s top 100 unis according to the QS World University Rankings 2014/15, the UK has leading universities in all major subjects. Academic excellence is one of many reasons the UK is such an appealing prospect to students around the world.

A diverse cohort

Home of more than 400,000 international students, the UK is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. As a leader in academia, every region has top universities and as a result, a vibrant and diverse student community.

The cities

London, the capital, houses 21 universities, 4 of which are in the UK's top 30 universities. London has a student population of over 300,000, I see it as the economic and cultural centre of the country, offering the ”busy bee” type of person a number of opportunities.

Some of the most popular student destinations include Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow. In the UK students can choose from a number institutions with a vast range of academic and vocational expertise, located all over the country.

Professional networks

Employers all over the world value the UK education system, making UK graduates some of the most employable in the world. 70% of UK businesses now have links to academic institutions (Annual Innovation Report, BIS, 2012), so you know that degrees from the UK are often focused on skills for the work place.

And so much more

Forget about the seductive, ancient haze of Italy, or the sophisticated atmosphere of France, the land of the Queen has got it all. The cultural scene in the UK is central to its vibe. While you could find basically anything in the capital – from art exhibitions to ice rock climbing in the city centre – there is much more to explore all over the country.  Manchester, for instance, is a paradise for the football fan, it has the third biggest Chinese community in Europe and a lively gay district.

While the UK may not have the paradise-like beaches of Greece,  it is a place where bleak mountain ranges, lush valleys and sparse moorlands add up to make a beautiful country. And considering the amount of time you will be spending in the library and staring into screens, the year long green landscape is the perfect place to recharge and fuel up on vitamin D. 

The details

Getting into university is of course most important but don’t forget to check all the travel and residence details as well.

  • If you are an EU student there are no restrictions or extra costs to pay. 
  • Overseas candidates need to check the Visa regulations. It is crucial to allow enough time for your visa application. The process may require you to have certain vaccinations or a chest x-ray; produce documents showing your finances and qualifications; attend an interview or a biometric test or take an English language test such as the IELTS or PTE

Moving away from your home land is hard no matter where you decide to go. I feel that choosing the UK, however will certainly be a little less of a struggle regardless of your nationality. As long as you get used to patiently queueing for basically anything, having a “cuppa” several times a day and being polite to others at all times, you will do just fine. Oh and study hard of course because UK universities give you only one chance to retake failed exams. Work hard, play hard indeed.