English Language Schools and Learning Centres

In the UK, preparation for the IELTS (and other English language qualifications) is available at a number of universities and colleges, and at specialist language schools in the private education sector.Telephone Box

  • Out of 36 centres, 18 are university-based, five in the public college sector and 13 are private colleges. There are also two university-based centres in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Most centres offer preparatory courses for the IELTS.
  • The private colleges with centres are among those accredited by the British Council.

The full list of UK and Irish centres can be seen here

A number of UK universities have English Language Centres (ELCs) offering programmes to students preparing for university entrance, and to current students seeking to improve their academic skills. 

They are accredited by BALEAP (The British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes) for pre- and in-sessional language courses:

You can read profiles of these universities here, including information for international students (click on the International tab).