Pathway Providers – Study and Language Preparation Programmes in the UK

In recent years, the private sector has engaged in the recruitment and preparation (including English language tuition) of international students for UK universities.

  • In some cases, the provider has taken over a university’s language centre and contracted to recruit and deliver students to what is in effect a foundation year prior to progression to a course at the partner university.
  • The nature of the relationship with the university differs between the providers but they share in common a model that – for a fee – gives students the study skills, academic foundation and English competence required to study at a UK university.

INTO University Partnerships

INTO differs from its competitors in that each partnership is a joint venture between the company and university. It has partnerships with the following UK universities:

Kaplan International Colleges are in partnership with the following universities:

Navitas, an Australian provider, has established affiliated centres at the following UK universities:

Study Group partner universities include:

In addition, it has set up the Wales International Study Centre with pathways to a number of Welsh Universities and to the University of Bristol.