Tel Aviv University

Student Services and Facilities

Student jobs

  • Due to strict visa guidelines, international students are not allowed to work while staying in Israel on student visas. Students are allowed to take part in internships for credit or take part in volunteer opportunities.

Disability support

  • TAU's Dean of Students office has a learning disability diagnosis centre that supports and provides assistance to students with learning disabilities. Among the services offered are diagnosis services and provision recommendations on accommodating students with learning disabilities.
  • TAU provides a wide array of services for the physically disabled, including on-campus parking, accessibility to all the major libraries, accessible copying machines all over the campus, as well as the loan of equipment for the hearing impaired.

Students' Union

  • The Students' Union is one of the most active bodies on campus, and offers all its services to international students. These include private tutoring, legal support, extracurricular activities, and more.


  • Located in Israel's cultural, financial and industrial core, Tel Aviv University (TAU) is a major centre of teaching and research, comprising nine faculties, 27 schools, 98 departments and 128 research institutes and centres. 
  • Its origins go back to 1956, when three research institutes – the Tel Aviv School of Law and Economics, the Institute of Natural Sciences, and the Institute of Jewish Studies – joined together to form the University of Tel Aviv. 
  • Initially operated by the Tel Aviv municipality, the university was granted autonomy in 1963. The Ramat Aviv campus, covering an area of 170 acres, was established that same year.

Notable Alumni and Famous Faces

  • Mr. Ariel Sharon – former Prime Minister of Israel.
  • Professor Dan Ariely – writer and behavioural economist .
  • Ari Folman – cinematographer.
  • Major General Benjamin Gantz – Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces.
  • Mr. Gideon Sa'ar – Minister of Interior, Israel.
  • Ms. Rakefet Rissak-Aminoach – CEO, Bank Leumi.
  • Colonel Ilan Ramon (1954–2003) – first Israeli astronaut.


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