Studying in the United States

Universities in the United States

Why study in the USA?

The USA is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for UK students.

Many people are aware of the reputation of the Ivy League schools – a group of elite private universities that dominate the more numerous and often larger state universities.

The university year in the US is the same as in the UK.

Entry and visa regulations

Full-time students will need a F-1 student visa.

A-level results may count towards a US undergraduate degree – something to check during pre-application research.

While there are many similarities between the UK and US education systems, one of the major differences is that medicine or law is not taught at undergraduate level in the US.

Funding your study

Most undergraduate degrees in the US will take four year to complete, so being able to finance your way through your international study experience is paramount.

There are other costs on top of tuition, such as textbooks, accommodation and student living.

What about part-time work?

Typical prices in the USA (prices in GBP, March 2015) are:

Staying on after study

Health and safety

Medical insurance is absolutely essential for UK students in the US.

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