College of William & Mary


  • The estimated cost per semester for an international undergraduate in 2013–14 is about £17,020 (US$25,778).
  • Additional fees apply, such as the semesterly international services fee of £23 ($35), and the one-off £160 orientation and £70 international orientation fees ($242 and $110).
  • The college estimates the total cost of attendance over one academic year (including accommodation, incidental expenses and transport, but not flights) to be in the region of £35,755 ($53,961).

Bursaries and Scholarships

  • There are two scholarships specifically for international students (both one-off awards of £2,000 and £2,300) although only continuing students may apply.
  • There is generally very little financial aid available to international students with no federal or state funding.
  • The university does not have funds for loans for international students.