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  • Pittsburgh is a state-funded research university. It is one of the oldest establishments in the USA having been founded (as Pittsburgh Academy) in 1787.
  • At that time it was based in a log cabin on the American frontier. The university grew quickly and moved into central Pittsburgh in 1830.
  • They have an internationally-renowned observatory and are known as a centre of ground-breaking scientific research such as the development of the polio vaccine (1955).

Notable Alumni and Famous Faces

Pitt claim many notable alumni in a diverse range of fields including law, government and the military, science and education and several Nobel Prize winners. Some of these are:

  • Gene Kelly – actor, director and dancer.
  • Michael Chabon – Pulitzer Prize-winning author.
  • Ray Smith – former CEO of Bell Atlantic.
  • Abul Hassam –inventor of a water purification filter.
  • Mahmoud Jibril – acting revolutionary leader of Libya during Gaddafi's fall from power.
  • Philip Hench – Nobel laureate, for the discovery of cortisone.
  • Wangari Maathi – Nobel laureate, for Peace.


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