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Student accommodation at Monash University

  • The university recommends that you already have accommodation organised before leaving your home country. However, if you’d like to settle in and sample the areas and suburbs of your exchange town before deciding on the one that suits you best, short-term accommodation might be helpful.
  • Be sure to arrange your flights so that you arrive in your new city at least two weeks before the Monash Abroad orientation.
  • If you would like to be in the thick of it, if study is your main objective and you not a fan of a commute, on-campus accommodation might be right for you.
  • Living on-campus in the halls of residence will immerse you in campus life – you will be shoulder-to-shoulder with other exchange students, international students and domestic students, so you will make friends fast.
  • If you are keen to explore your new city every day, prefer tree-lined streets or the company of locals, you might like to find your own accommodation. Maybe you already know people in the city where your Monash campus is located, or you have made fast friends with other exchange and study abroad students and you would like to live together – whatever the reason, the university can help you find your new home.
  • There are many accommodation options available – you could live in a share house, private student accommodation or homestay.
  • Find out more about short-term, on-campus and off-campus student accommodation on the website.