Studying in New Zealand

Students' Experiences of New Zealand

Why study in New Zealand?

Despite its distance from the UK, New Zealand is becoming a popular destination for UK students.

  • As expected from a small country, there are only eight universities in New Zealand (and 23 polytechnics).

Entry and visa regulations

All UK citizens will need a student visa to study overseas in New Zealand if the programme of study is longer than three months.

  • To study as a full-time student in New Zealand an offer from an education institution must be included in the visa application.
  • You must also show that you have enough money to cover your living and accommodation costs while studying abroad.
  • A medical examination may be demanded to ensure health requirements and for stays of longer than two years a police check may also be carried out.

Funding your study

While New Zealand is a great place to study as an international student, it does have one downside – tuition costs.

  • Fees for arts or social sciences range from NZ$20,000 (£9,680) a year.
  • Courses in science and engineering can cost from NZ$25,000 (£12,000) per year.
  • Dentistry and medicine tend to be the most expensive degrees – NZ$75,000 (£36,300) per year.
  • Unfortunately, there are few scholarships available for international students studying in New Zealand, and those that are on offer are for PhD students.

What about part-time work?

  • A student visa is condition on sufficient funds to pay for living and accommodation costs.
  • Being able to work while studying can certainly help finances to stretch a little further.
  • Full-time student are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week but must seek a variation in the conditions of their visa.
  • New Zealand's adult minimum wage is NZ$13 (£6.30) per hour.

Here are some approximate costs of those all important student services in New Zealand (GBP, March 2015):

  • Apartment rent, 1 bedroom: £449 - £624 per month
  • Meal, inexpensive restaurant: £8.95
  • Meal at McDonalds: £4.97
  • Domestic beer (0.5 litre draught): £3.48
  • Imported beer (0.33 litre bottle): £3.98
  • Cappuccino: £2.15
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 litre bottle): £1.48
  • Water (0.33 litre bottle): £1.40
  • Loaf of bread: £1.26
  • Cigarettes: £9.40
  • One-way ticket local transport: £1.74
  • Cinema ticket: £7.96

Health and safety

Current medical and travel insurance is a requirement of the Ministry of Education's Code of Practice.

  • Student visa holders are generally not eligible for publicly funded health and disability services.
  • People covered by New Zealand’s reciprocal health agreements with Australia and United Kingdom are entitled to publicly funded health care for immediately necessary medical treatment only.

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