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British University History

The UK’s universities have their origins in the ancient seats of learning at Oxford (1096), Cambridge (1209) and St Andrews (1411). There are now in excess of 140 universities and other higher education providers that share a world-wide reputation for the quality of their courses, teaching and research. Responsibility for managing the higher education sector within overall government policies is shared by two independent bodies: Higher Education Funding Councils; Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education.

  • The appointment of external examiners at each university also guarantees good standards.
  • These, in turn, are reflected in high entry requirements, short and intensive courses of study, and high completion rates, the latter resulting from an infrastructure that offers strong student support.
  • A degree from a British university is a well-respected qualification throughout the world, not least because of an increasing emphasis on employability alongside knowledge and skills.

Students receive free medical and subsidised dental and optical treatment under the National Health Service.

  • Also, full access to a professional counselling service.
  • A university careers service network – with an enviable reputation throughout the world – to help with the decision on what to do on completion of your studies.

The fact that degree courses here are more intensive, and thus shorter, than those in many other countries has an obvious financial advantage, not only in study and living costs, but also in the opportunity to enter, or re-enter, the employment market sooner.