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Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for international students (2016-17)


£ Sterling

Humanities and Social Sciences


Sciences and Engineering


Clinical subjects


  • Some international students may be exempt.
  • However, since February 2012, students who had applied for asylum and have been granted discretionary leave to remain are no longer eligible for home student fees at universities in England (unless they started their courses before April 1 2011).
  • Students with discretionary leave to remain will still be eligible for the home student rate in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Tuition fees for studying an undergraduate degree at a UK university are expensive.

  • International students normally resident in countries outside the EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) pay near-full-cost tuition fees in all of the UK universities. These are likely to be in the range shown above. More specific fees data is shown in the university profiles. Students from outside the EU will not be eligible for the loans and grants available to UK and EU students.
  • While many international students from outside the EU receive financial support from their home countries, UK scholarships for international students, whether from the UK government, sponsors or the individual universities themselves are limited. The vast majority are for postgraduate study, although there are one or two schemes for which undergraduates can be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Students from overseas should therefore make sure they have sufficient funds for the full tuition fees and all necessary living costs before leaving home.

  • They will almost certainly be asked to guarantee in writing that they have sufficient funds for the complete duration of their course (see under Entry Regulations below).
  • It is virtually impossible to arrange financial support after leaving home.

EU/EEA Students

Students from the EU pay the same fees as home students. Non-EU students from the European Economic Area and Switzerland should consult the guidance provided here by UKCISA – the UK Council for International Student Affairs.

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