HESA Subject Listing 2017

HESA Subject Complete University Guide Subject
Academic studies in education (X3) Education
Accounting (N4) Accounting & Finance
Aerospace engineering (H4) Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering
African studies (T5) Middle Eastern & African Studies
Agricultural sciences (D7) Agriculture & Forestry
Agriculture (D4) Agriculture & Forestry
American studies (T7) American Studies
Anatomy, physiology & pathology (B1) Anatomy & Physiology
Animal science (D3) Agriculture & Forestry
Anthropology (L6) Anthropology
Archaeology (V4) Archaeology
Architecture (K1) Architecture
Artificial intelligence (I4) Computer Science
Astronomy (F5) Physics & Astronomy
Aural & oral sciences (B6) Aural & Oral Sciences
Biology (C1) Biological Sciences
Botany (C2) Biological Sciences
Building (K2) Building
Business studies (N1) Business & Management Studies
Celtic studies (Q5) Celtic Studies
Ceramics & glass (J3) Materials Technology
Chemical, process & energy engineering (H8) Chemical Engineering
Chemistry (F1) Chemistry
Chinese studies (T1) East & South Asian Studies
Cinematics & photography (W6) Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Civil engineering (H2) Civil Engineering
Classical Greek studies (Q7) Classics & Ancient History
Classical studies (Q8) Classics & Ancient History
Clinical dentistry (A4) Dentistry
Clinical medicine (A3) Medicine
Clinical veterinary medicine & dentistry (D2) Veterinary Medicine
Comparative literary studies (Q2) English
Complementary medicines, therapies & well-being (B3) Complementary Medicine
Computer generated visual & audio effects (I7) Computer Science
Computer science (I1) Computer Science
Dance (W5) Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Design studies (W2) Art & Design
Drama (W4) Drama, Dance & Cinematics
Economics (L1) Economics
Electronic & electrical engineering (H6) Electrical & Electronic Engineering
English studies (Q3) English
Finance (N3) Accounting & Finance
Fine art (W1) Art & Design
Food & beverage studies (D6) Food Science
Forensic & archaeological sciences (F4) Archaeology
Forensic Science
Forestry & arboriculture (D5) Agriculture & Forestry
French studies (R1) French
Games (I6) Computer Science
General engineering (H1) General Engineering
Genetics (C4) Biological Sciences
Geology (F6) Geology
German studies (R2) German
Health informatics (I5) Computer Science
Heritage studies (V7) Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism
History by area (V2) History
History by period (V1) Classics & Ancient History
History by topic (V3) History
History of Art, Architecture & Design
Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport (N8) Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism
Human & social geography (L7) Geography & Environmental Science
Human resource management (N6) Business & Management Studies
Imaginative writing (W8) Creative Writing
Information services (P1) Librarianship & Information Management
Information systems (I2) Librarianship & Information Management
Italian studies (R3) Italian
Japanese studies (T2) East & South Asian Studies
Journalism (P5) Communication & Media Studies
Landscape & garden design (K3) Town & Country Planning and Landscape Design
Latin studies (Q6) Classics & Ancient History
Law by area (M1) Law
Law by topic (M2) Law
Linguistics (Q1) Linguistics
Management studies (N2) Business & Management Studies
Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism
Land & Property Management
Marketing (N5) Marketing
Materials science (F2) Materials Technology
Materials technology not otherwise specified (J5) Materials Technology
Mathematics (G1) Mathematics
Mechanical engineering (H3) Mechanical Engineering
Media studies (P3) Communication & Media Studies
Medical technology (B8) Medical Technology
Metallurgy (J2) Materials Technology
Microbiology (C5) Biological Sciences
Minerals technology (J1) Materials Technology
Modern Middle Eastern studies (T6) Middle Eastern & African Studies
Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry (C7) Biological Sciences
Music (W3) Music
Nursing (B7) Nursing
Nutrition (B4) Food Science
Operational research (G2) Mathematics
Ophthalmics (B5) Ophthalmics
Other Asian studies (T4) East & South Asian Studies
Pharmacology, toxicology & pharmacy (B2) Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Philosophy (V5) Philosophy
Physical geographical sciences (F8) Geography & Environmental Science
Physics (F3) Physics & Astronomy
Planning (urban, rural & regional) (K4) Town & Country Planning and Landscape Design
Politics (L2) Politics
Polymers & textiles (J4) Materials Technology
Portuguese studies (R5) Iberian Languages
Pre-clinical dentistry (A2) Dentistry
Pre-clinical medicine (A1) Medicine
Pre-clinical veterinary medicine (D1) Veterinary Medicine
Production & manufacturing engineering (H7) Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering
Psychology (C8) Psychology
Publicity studies (P2) Communication & Media Studies
Publishing (P4) Communication & Media Studies
Research & study skills in education (X2) Education
Russian & East European studies (R7) Russian & East European Languages
Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments (F7) Geography & Environmental Science
Social policy (L4) Social Policy
Social work (L5) Social Work
Sociology (L3) Sociology
Software engineering (I3) Computer Science
South Asian studies (T3) East & South Asian Studies
Spanish studies (R4) Iberian Languages
Sport & exercise science (C6) Sports Science
Statistics (G3) Mathematics
Theology & religious studies (V6) Theology & Religious Studies
Training teachers (X1) Education
Zoology (C3) Biological Sciences

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