HESA Subject Listing

HESA subject names are the official labels given to similar courses at different universities. You will find these in the left column of this page. In brackets are the HESA subject codes (sometimes called ‘UCAS codes’), which you should be able to find on most course description pages.

On the right is a list of our subject tables, detailing which table you should use depending on the HESA subject that covers your course.

HESA Subject Complete University Guide Subject
Academic studies in education (X3)
Accounting (N4)
Aerospace engineering (H4)
African studies (T5)
Agricultural sciences (D7)
Agriculture (D4)
American studies (T7)
Anatomy, physiology & pathology (B1)
Animal science (D3)
Anthropology (L6)
Archaeology (V4)
Architecture (K1)
Artificial intelligence (I4)
Astronomy (F5)
Aural & oral sciences (B6)
Biology (C1)
Botany (C2)
Building (K2)
Business studies (N1)
Celtic studies (Q5)
Ceramics & glass (J3)
Chemical, process & energy engineering (H8)
Chemistry (F1)
Chinese studies (T1)
Cinematics & photography (W6)
Civil engineering (H2)
Classical Greek studies (Q7)
Classical studies (Q8)
Clinical dentistry (A4)
Clinical medicine (A3)
Clinical veterinary medicine & dentistry (D2)
Comparative literary studies (Q2)
Complementary medicines, therapies & well-being (B3)
Computer generated visual & audio effects (I7)
Computer science (I1)
Dance (W5)
Design studies (W2)
Drama (W4)
Economics (L1)
Electronic & electrical engineering (H6)
English studies (Q3)
Finance (N3)
Fine art (W1)
Food & beverage studies (D6)
Forensic & archaeological sciences (F4)
Forestry & arboriculture (D5)
French studies (R1)
Games (I6)
General engineering (H1)
Genetics (C4)
Geology (F6)
German studies (R2)
Health informatics (I5)
Heritage studies (V7)
History by area (V2)
History by period (V1)
History by topic (V3)
Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport (N8)
Human & social geography (L7)
Human resource management (N6)
Imaginative writing (W8)
Information services (P1)
Information systems (I2)
Italian studies (R3)
Japanese studies (T2)
Journalism (P5)
Landscape & garden design (K3)
Latin studies (Q6)
Law by area (M1)
Law by topic (M2)
Linguistics (Q1)
Management studies (N2)
Marketing (N5)
Materials science (F2)
Materials technology not otherwise specified (J5)
Mathematics (G1)
Mechanical engineering (H3)
Media studies (P3)
Medical technology (B8)
Metallurgy (J2)
Microbiology (C5)
Minerals technology (J1)
Modern Middle Eastern studies (T6)
Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry (C7)
Music (W3)
Nursing (B7)
Nutrition (B4)
Operational research (G2)
Ophthalmics (B5)
Other Asian studies (T4)
Pharmacology, toxicology & pharmacy (B2)
Philosophy (V5)
Physical geographical sciences (F8)
Physics (F3)
Planning (urban, rural & regional) (K4)
Politics (L2)
Polymers & textiles (J4)
Portuguese studies (R5)
Pre-clinical dentistry (A2)
Pre-clinical medicine (A1)
Pre-clinical veterinary medicine (D1)
Production & manufacturing engineering (H7)
Psychology (C8)
Publicity studies (P2)
Publishing (P4)
Research & study skills in education (X2)
Russian & East European studies (R7)
Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments (F7)
Social policy (L4)
Social work (L5)
Sociology (L3)
Software engineering (I3)
South Asian studies (T3)
Spanish studies (R4)
Sport & exercise science (C6)
Statistics (G3)
Theology & religious studies (V6)
Training teachers (X1)
Zoology (C3)